Born and bred in Singapore, my artistic journey began with a pencil. From there, my creative interests grew and spanned from jewelry design and product design to graphic design and fine art. I’ve fine tuned my craft and decided to specialize in graphic design as it offers a broad scope of applications. During the course of my studies, I have majored in editorial / publication design and corporate design. My innate craving for detail and tendency to lean towards a perfectly balanced organization of visual elements has seen my interest in all sorts of print matter grow expotentially. I believe that form should follow function and I apply this in all my work…continue

Merging good old craft with a digital background is what I do


Visualizing Silence

a sensorial reading experience


The Calendar for 2014

calendar / to - do list note pad design


Typographic Newspaper

a day in the life of a graphic design student

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Design has to work.
Art does not.

- Donald Judd