Along side my BA thesis about visualizing silence, I researched and produced a light installation that captured and gave form to the silence that remained after all sound was removed from a space. The flickering of shadows juxtaposed by the rays of sunlight recorded over the span of one full day does this successfully. The speed of the flickering shadows represent the sound and its speed experienced in the space. Accompanying this film is an A5 sized booklet containing my research.

This film had the pleasure of being exhibited at the MuhkA (Museum for Contemporary Art) in Antwerp on November 9th 2013.

School & Museum voor hedendaagse kunst Antwerpen
Date published
November 2013
Installation art, editorial
Jessica Chee (Concept for installation, design & print of booklet) & Brecht Missotten of Missotten & Frances (Technical support for installation)


Canon 550D

remaining silence

The remaining silence

giving form to silence

remaining silence remaining silence

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